John Cale

John Cale & Opinions on Madonna and System of a Down

Sound Opinions on Chicago Public Radio begins with Jim and Greg talking with the founding member of The Velvet Underground, John Cale, as well as reviewing records from Madonna and a System of a Down.

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Jim and Greg report on the latest incarnation of payola, with Sony BMG and Warner Bros. paying millions on fines for paying off radio stations for airplay. Sony has also been facing several lawsuits for the malicious spyware it encoded onto its CDs. Plus, Jim and Greg look at this year's crop of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees, including Black Sabbath, Sex Pistols, and Blondie. Finally, they pay tribute to the late great guitarist Link Wray and his classic single "Rumble."


John Cale

Sound Opinions on Chicago Public Radio begins with Jim and Greg talking with the founding member of the Velvet Underground, John Cale.

reviewConfessions on a Dance FloorConfessions on a Dance Floor available on iTunes

Madonna Confessions on a Dance Floor

The Europeans are devouring Madonna's newest album, Confessions on a Dance Floor. But Greg? Not as much. He gives it a Burn It, only because it won't cost you anything. Jim agrees.

reviewHypnotize - SingleHypnotize available on iTunes

System of a Down Hypnotize

These guys are nuts. System of a Down, one of the best art rock and heavy metal bands in existence, has released two albums in a year. Hypnotize and Mezmerize together make one great album. The albums do have some filler, but not enough to prevent Greg and Jim to both give the double-album a Buy It.



“Tainted Love”Gloria Jones

This week, Greg dropped a quarter in the Desert Island Jukebox, and brought the heavy lumber. His choice was Gloria Jones's Tainted Love." That's right, Gloria Jones, not Soft Cell. Soft Cell covered this "Northern Soul" classic, and received loads of cash and airplay, but this version is where it all started. Greg also blew Jim's mind by informing him that Gloria was the wife of Marc Bolan, of T-Rex fame. Bolan died in a car crash, and Gloria was the driver in the car.