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The Rock Doctors' Roots & Opinions on Nine Inch Nails and Flight of the Conchords

Paging the Rock Doctors! This week on the show Drs. DeRogatis and Kot are called upon to tend to another ailing patient. Tune in to hear if their diagnoses can save this listener's musical life.

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Music News

This summer concert season marks a number of make-ups and break-ups. First is the news that The Police will be wrapping up their successful reunion tour. The group had one of the top grossing tours of 2007, but will be ending their“journey”in the place it began: New York City. Also making news is the Gang of Four, which is now down to the Gang of Two. But on a happier note, New Jersey's The Feelies will be reuniting after 17 years for not one, but two shows this summer. Jim and Greg are also excited about the highly-anticipated reunion from groundbreaking British band My Bloody Valentine. The question is - will any of these reunions result in new music that matches these bands' former glory? Fans will have to wait and see.

reviewThe SlipThe Slip available on iTunes

Nine Inch Nails The Slip

Jim and Greg next review an artist who is popping up a lot on the show recently: Nine Inch Nails. In fact Trent Reznor's new album The Slip is the fifth volume of music he's released this year-more than his entire output between 1986 and 1989. But is being prolific such a good thing? It is if you don't have to pay for the music. Neither Jim nor Greg think The Slip is on the same level as some of Nine Inch Nails' earlier, more meticulous albums. But, both critics think the free release is definitely worth a listen. They give it a Try It.

reviewThe Complete Collection: Flight of the ConchordsFlight of the Conchords available on iTunes

Flight of the Conchords Flight of the Conchords

One of the most successful music acts this year actually comes from TV. Flight of the Conchords, the fictional band portrayed on the HBO series of the same name, has a new self-titled album. And, while they're stuggling musicians on their show, the duo debuted at #3 on the billboard pop chart, outselling Ashlee Simpson. There's a long tradition of satirical rock acts, from Spinal Tap to theMetalocalypse's Dethklok, but Greg thinks that Flight of the Conchords is better suited to the small screen than his CD player. The first couple of songs were smart, but after that he thought the parody went sour. Jim dismisses Greg as a scrooge; he loves the faux-folk music and thinks the music matches the humor. Flight of the Conchords gets a Trash It from Greg and a Buy It from Jim.

rock doctors


At this point in the show Jim and Greg put on their lab coats and welcome another patient for an appointment with the Rock Doctors. This week's patient is listener Joel from Chicago. Joel describes his symptoms for Drs. DeRogatis and Kot: he's a big music fan, particularly roots rock, but hasn‘t been inspired in recent years. He’s hoping the doctors can prescribe some new music that has a definite sense of blues, bluegrass and roots music, but also has some rocking edge.

Dr. DeRogatis goes first and prescribes Sparklehorse's 2006 album Dreamt For Light Years In The Belly Of A Mountain. The group is led by multi-instrumentalist Mark Linkous who has been paralyzed since 1996. Jim explains that Linkous‘ sound changed dramatically after being confined to a wheelchair. There’s a definite influence of alt-country and Southern gothic that Jim thinks Joel will appreciate. Plus, this album features some impressive guests like Steven Drozd of The Flaming Lips and Tom Waits.

Dr. Kot recommends the new album from The Kills. The transcontinental duo met via the mail and have made three albums. Greg thinks the latest, Midnight Boom, is the best. He describes the band's sexy, in-your-face attitude and deep appreciation for the blues. Greg just hopes that Joel doesn't have an allergic reaction to their drum machine.

After a week taking his medicine, Joel returns for a follow-up appointment. He explains that the heavy production in the Sparklehorse initially put him off. But despite the fact that the music was a little slow at times, he can see himself returning to it. Joel describes Dr. Kot's pick as some strong medicine, but he really enjoyed The Kills' melodies and guitars. He thinks the album is at its best when the two singers are featured together, and was able to forget about the drum machine for the most part.

reviewMomofukuMomofuku available on iTunes

Elvis Costello Momofuku

Elvis Costello has a new album out called Momofuku, which is named after the creator of instant ramen. Costello made news after he decided to release a vinyl record a month before the digital/CD release, but Jim thinks the real news is the speed at which the singer/songwriter made it. Costello has released a number of albums and dabbled in a number of genres, but he isn‘t known for his expediency. Greg wishes that Costello didn’t dabble so much and would stick to his stripped down rock roots. Jim agrees, citing Costello's fantastic, pared down performance during his tour with Bob Dylan. Both critics wish this Ramen concoction had fewer ingredients. Greg gives Momofuku a Try It, and Jim gives it a Trash It.

reviewSantigoldSantigold available on iTunes

Santigold Santigold

The final album up for review comes from Santigold, an artist Greg highlighted during the SXSW episode. He has been a fan of her songwriting since he knew her as Santi White, an A&R executive turned musician. He thinks the songs are as strong on her self-titled debut, which features production from people like Diplo and Switch. He gives the album a Buy It. Jim is put off by the branding of Santigold, and what he thinks is blatant ripping off of M.I.A. But he‘d be willing to forgive Santi if her voice wasn’t so irritating. He gives Santigold a Try It.



“My White Bicycle”Tomorrow

Jim uses his turn with the Desert Island Jukebox to pay homage to a man who changed the face of rock and roll. Albert Hofman, the Swiss chemist who discovered LSD, died last week at the age of 102. After LSD hit the music scene, bands that were once R&B and pop became experimental, psychedelic acts. One of the best examples of rock's psychedelic era is Tomorrow. Jim always interpreted their song "My White Bicycle," as a tribute to Hofman's famous bike“trip,”and he thinks that listening to the tune is the best way to remember the scientist.

Featured Songs

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  2. Nine Inch Nails, Discipline, The Slip, The Null Corporation, 2008
  3. Nine Inch Nails, Letting You, The Slip, The Null Corporation, 2008
  4. Flight of the Conchords, Foux Du Fafa, Flight of the Conchords, Sub Pop, 2008
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  16. The Kills, U.R.A. Fever, Midnight Boom, Domino, 2008
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  27. 311, Come Original, Soundsystem, Capricorn, 1999

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