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The Sound Opinions Holiday Spectacular 2010

Tune in for the annual Sound Opinions Christmas Spectacular featuring weird and wonderful holiday tunes curated by record collector Andy Cirzan.

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Sound Opinions Christmas Spectacular

Holiday music collector Andy Cirzan joins Jim and Greg every Christmas to share his new batch of seasonal tunes. By day, he runs Jam Productions in Chicago, but by night, he searches through record stores, dustbins and basements to find gems for his annual compilation. He shares a few of his favorites during this episode and, as a special bonus, is sharing his mix with Sound Opinions listeners.

Download the 2010 compilation: Yowls & Yodels from the Yule Vortex…further adventures in holiday obscura. This free digital download will be available from December 17, 2010 to January 1, 2011.

Featured Songs

  1. "Yule Proclamation"
  2. Dick Huemer and Camarata, O Futuristic Christmas Tree, A Christmas Adventure in Disneyland, Disneyland, 1959
  3. The Free Design, The Now Sound Of Christmas, The Now Sound of Christmas, U.S. Air Force, 1968
  4. Betty Lloyd, Snowflakes Pt. 1, Snowflakes (single), Thomas, 1969
  5. Magnus T. Cook, Snow Bunny, The Second Noel (single), Right Road, 1972
  6. Patty Marie Joy, Space Age Santa Claus, Space Age Santa Claus (single), Delhi, 1961
  7. "Good King Wenceslas"
  8. Herman Apple, Promenade en traîneau, Stereo Percussion de Noël, Trans-Canada, 1964
  9. Herman Apple, Le Père Noël s'en vient, Stereo Percussion de Noël, Trans-Canada, 1964
  10. "Snowkenstein"
  11. Jimmy McGriff, The Christmas Song, Christmastime, Jell, 1964
  12. Janette Eden, You Turn Me On (And Light Me Up) Just Like a Christmas Tree, single, North Lake, 1965
  13. Flo Price, A Simple Little Flying Machine, Christmas 2001: A Space-Age Adventure, Light, 1979
  14. Jimmy McCracklin, Christmas Time Pt. 1, Christmas Time (single), Art-Tone, 1961
  15. "Winter Wonderland"
  16. Herman Apple, Quand il neige sur mon pays, Stereo Percussion de Noël, Trans-Canada, 1964
  17. Larry Rivera, The Legend of the Menehune Santa, Christmas on Kauai, Coco Palms, 1961
  18. Harvie June Van, Dasher, Natividad (single), Briar International, 1961
  19. J.J. Barnes, Snow Flake, Got To Get Rid Of You (single), Volt, 1969
  20. Jimmy Jones & His Versatiles, Christmas Is A Drag, Santa's Funk & Soul Christmas Party Vol.2, Tramp, 2013
  21. Walter Stone“The Crybaby”and the Tradewinds, Christmas Time Again, Christmas Time Again (single), Popularity, 1970
  22. "Santa Claus, there's the Signal!"
  23. "Sleigh Bells"
  24. Kraftwerk, The Telephone Call, Electric Café, EMI, 1986
  25. The Arcade Fire, The Suburbs, The Suburbs, Merge, 2010
  26. Muse, United States of Eurasia (+ Collateral Damage), The Resistance, Atco, 2009
  27. Fergie, Glamorous, The Duchess, A&M, 2006

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