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Gang of Four & Opinions on Radiohead

Featured Songs

  1. Fates Warning, Ivory Gate of Dreams, No Exit, Metal Blade, 1988
  2. May Alqasim featuring Phelony, Win, single, Outlaw Productions, 2011
  3. Eagles, Fast Company, Long Road Out Of Eden, Polydor, 2007
  4. Gang Of Four, Damaged Goods, Entertainment!, EMI, 1979
  5. Gang Of Four, I Found That Essence Rare, Entertainment!, EMI, 1979
  6. Gang Of Four, Anthrax, Entertainment!, EMI, 1979
  7. Robert Johnson, Possession Over Judgment Day, King Of The Delta Blues Singers, Columbia, 1961
  8. Gang Of Four, I Party All The Time, Content, Yep Rock, 2010
  9. Gang of Four, Contract, Entertainment!, EMI, 1979
  10. Jimi Hendrix, Voodoo Child (Slight Return), Electric Ladyland, Reprise, 1968
  11. Gang Of Four, What We All Want, Solid Gold, EMI, 1981
  12. Gang Of Four, Glass, Entertainment!, EMI, 1979
  13. Gang Of Four, Ether, Entertainment!, EMI, 1979
  14. The Band, The Unfaithful Servant, The Band, Capitol, 1969
  15. Gang Of Four, He'd Send In The Army, Solid Gold, EMI, 1981
  16. Gang Of Four, Natural's Not In It, Entertainment!, EMI, 1979
  17. Gang Of Four, 5:45, Entertainment!, EMI, 1979
  18. Gang Of Four, At Home He's A Tourist, Entertainment!, EMI, 1979
  19. Radiohead, Lotus Flower, The King Of Limbs, XL, 2011
  20. Radiohead, Codex, The King Of Limbs, XL, 2011
  21. Hound Dog Taylor, Give Me Back My Wig, Hound Dog Taylor, Alligator, 1971
  22. Johnny Thunders and The Heartbreakers, Get Off The Phone, L.A.M.F., Track, 1977
  23. Gene Pitney, It Hurts To be In Love, I'm Gonna Be Strong, Stateside, 1965
  24. Monkees, Goin' Down, Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones, Colgems, 1967