Rob Reiner on Spinal Tap & Opinions on Morrissey

Sound Opinions celebrates the 30th anniversary of the greatest rock movie ever: This Is Spinal Tap. Jim and Greg turn it up to 11 and discuss the fine line between clever and stupid with comedian and director Rob Reiner. Later they review the new album from English brooder Morrissey.

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Rock ‘n’ Roll suffered a great loss last week after the death of punk rocker and standard bearer Tommy Ramone. Tommy, born Erdélyi Tamás, wore many different hats as founder, drummer, producer, and last surviving original member of The Ramones. He and his bandmates leave behind a tremendous influence, one which can be traced to the Sex Pistols, The Clash, and countless others. Greg says of the Ramones‘ musical clout,“If you listened to them, they changed your life,”and that Tommy was truly“the brains of the operation.”A guiding force for the group throughout the years, his break-neck drumming and seasoned hand in the production booth were fundamental in molding the band’s history-making style. He was 65.


Rob Reiner on This Is Spinal Tap

Up there with The Ramones in the“Rock Canon”is this band: Spinal Tap. Fans first met the heave metal trio in 1984 upon the release of Rob Reiner's mock rockumentary This Is Spinal Tap. Now, those aging headbangers are even older—30 years older to be exact. But, This is Spinal Tap remains, without a doubt, the greatest rock ‘n’ roll film, ever. This is because, fictional or not, it's the truest. From the arenas to the airplane hangars, all of the clichéd moments of excess and gladhanding, of sexism and machismo and utter stupidity…they all ring very true! There are real“Black”albums and real drummer tragedies. And this authenticity was thanks to its music-loving stars and writers, Michael McKean, Christopher Guest and Harry Shearer, and their fair leader and fellow writer Rob Reiner. The man many of us came to know as“Meathead”in All in the Family plays the fake director Marty DeBergi in the movie. But in real life, he's directed classics like Stand by Me, The Princess Bride, When Harry Met Sally and A Few Good Men. His latest, And So It Goes, stars Diane Keaton and Michael Douglas and is out July 25th. But Rob was kind enough to indulge all of Jim and Greg's burning Spinal Tap questions.


reviewWorld Peace Is None of Your Business (Deluxe)World Peace Is None of Your Business available on iTunes

Morrissey World Peace Is None of Your Business

After releasing nine solo studio albums, a best-selling autobiography, and making several retirement announcements, you'd think the former frontman for The Smiths might be running out things to say, but Morrissey's dogged disdain for much of the world marches on with the release of latest record, World Peace Is None of Your Business. After hearing the albums' lyrics, Jim and Greg would prefer Morrissey didn‘t speak up as much, with both critics disappointed by Morrissey’s words dipping into misogyny and inexplicable weirdness minus any of the wry wit he's typically known for. Musically, there are some pleasant surprises on World Peace Is None of Your Business, like erupting guitars, sentimental oboes and even a didgeridoo, but overall the album isn‘t Moz’s best and gets a Try It from Jim and Greg.



“Politicians in My Eyes”Death

In the 1970's, an all African-American band out of Detroit named Death crafted abrasive, no reservations proto-punk songs responding to the city's bleak politics and poverty. Their raw rock edge caught the ear of infamous music industry executive Clive Davis who wanted to debut the band to the world, but only if they'd change their morbid name. The band (of brothers) refused, broke up, and their songs were nearly lost until Chicago record label Drag City got a hold of them and reissued the collection in 2009. Since that release entitled …For the Whole World to See, the band has gotten back together and impressed many with a sound that was clearly ahead of its time. To demonstrate, Greg plays "Politicians in My Eyes."

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