Esperanza Spalding & David Bowie, One Year Later

Esperanza Spalding is a singer/songwriter, a multi-instrumentalist, a librettist, a Grammy winner, and much more. She joins Jim and Greg for a candid conversation about exploding genres and creating her theatrical new record. Plus, the music and legacy of David Bowie, one year after his death.

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Esperanza Spalding

Esperanza Spalding exploded onto the jazz scene as a bass prodigy, recording her debut album in 2006 and winning the Grammy for Best New Artist in 2011. But she's never been satisfied being just one thing. Her many talents include being a multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, bandleader, producer, librettist, and more. Her music ignores genre boundaries, freely incorporating funk, R&B, classical music, and progressive rock. She's even introduced a theatrical element with her latest album, Emily's D+Evolution..

Jim and Greg sit down this week with Esperanza Spalding for a spirited chat about the new record. She also discusses her collaborations with legendary saxophonist Wayne Shorter, the challenges of being taken seriously as a female musician, and the moment she discovered the bass was for her.

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Featured Songs

  1. Esperanza Spalding, Rest in Pleasure, Emily's D+Evolution, Concord, 2016
  2. Esperanza Spalding, Judas, Emily's D+Evolution, Concord, 2016
  3. Esperanza Spalding, Earth to Heaven, Emily's D+Evolution, Concord, 2016
  4. Esperanza Spalding, Ebony and Ivy, Emily's D+Evolution, Concord, 2016
  5. Julia Dawn Cole, I Want It Now, Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory, Paramount, 1971
  6. Esperanza Spalding, I Want It Now, Emily's D+Evolution, Concord, 2016
  7. Esperanza Spalding, I Know You Know, Esperanza, Heads Up International, 2008
  8. Esperanza Spalding, Mela, Esperanza, Heads Up International, 2008
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  10. Esperanza Spalding, Winter Sun, Chamber Music Society, Heads Up International, 2010
  11. Wayne Shorter & Esperanza Spalding, Footprints, Live on Tavis Smiley, PBS, 2013
  12. Wayne Shorter & Esperanza Spalding, Gaia, Live at Solidary of Arts Festival, Solidary of Arts, 2014
  13. Esperanza Spalding, Little Fly, Chamber Music Society, Heads Up International, 2010
  14. Esperanza Spalding, Black Gold, Radio Music Society, Heads Up International, 2012
  15. David Bowie, Blackstar, Blackstar, Columbia, 2016
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