Gene Chandler

Gene Chandler & Opinions on The Feelies

From 1962 to 1970, Chicago soul singer Gene Chandler recorded nineteen top forty hits, but he'll forever be known as the "Duke of Earl." As a young artist, he performed across the country, including the Jim Crow South, later transitioning from performer to award-winning producer. Gene Chandler joins Greg and Jim for a conversation. Plus, Jim and Greg review the new album by New Jersey rock band The Feelies.

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Gene Chandler

Hosts Jim and Greg interview Chicago Soul singer Gene Chandler, who is best known as the“Duke of Earl.”Jim thinks 1961's“Duke of Earl”is one of the best pop or rock songs of that era. Gene Chandler came out of a tradition of Doo Wop in Chicago that included groups like the Flamingos and the Spaniels. He worked closely with fellow Chicago Soul legends Curtis Mayfield and Jerry Butler. Later in his career, he transitioned into producing other artists, even running his own label,“Mister Chand.”The epitome of a“soul survivor,”Gene scored hits during the Doo-Wop, Soul, and Disco eras.

reviewIn BetweenIn Between available on iTunes

The Feelies In Between

The New Jersey rock band The Feelies has just released their sixth album in four decades called In Between. The group is noted for its cohesion and consistency over its long tenure. Greg thoroughly enjoys this record, and admires The Feelies‘ skill in combining elements of rock with zen and existential messaging ("make a plan, let it be.") He also appreciates the band’s ability to perform as one voice, which speaks to how close these guys are. Greg gives it a Buy It. Jim couldn't agree more, and he expresses his deep admiration and love for The Feelies. He finds this record to be well worth the wait, and praises the group for their combination of the best sounds of The Velvet Underground and Brian Eno (ding!) Without hesitation, Jim gives In Between an enthusiastic Buy It.



“Statesboro Blues”the Allman Brothers Band

After a number of deaths of high-profile drummers in recent weeks, Greg now pays tribute to Butch Trucks, who died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound on January 24. A founding member of the Allman Brothers Band, Trucks remained in the group for its entire 45-year span. He formed one of the best rhythm sections in rock alongside fellow drummer Jai Johanny“Jaimoe”Johanson. While Jaimoe provided the jazzy accents, Trucks was the freight train, with a command of the blues vocabulary. According to Greg, the best example of Trucks's blues shuffle is on a 1971 live recording of "Statesboro Blues," so it gets its slot in the Desert Island Jukebox.

Featured Songs

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  2. The Penguins, Earth Angel, Earth Angel/Hey Senorita, Dootone, 1954
  3. The Spaniels, Baby It's You, Baby It's You/Bounce, Chance, 1953
  4. The Dukays, The Girl's a Devil, The Girl's a Devil/The Big Lie, Nat, 1961
  5. The Dukays, Nite Owl, Nite Owl/Festival of Love, Nat, 1961
  6. The Beatles, Do You Want to Know a Secret?, Introducing… The Beatles, Vee-Jay, 1964
  7. Cypress Hill, Hand on the Pump, Cypress Hill, Ruffhouse/Columbia, 1991
  8. Gene Chandler, Man's Temptation, Man's Temptation/Wonderful, Wonderful, Vee-Jay, 1963
  9. Gene Chandler, Rainbow '65 (Part 1), Rainbow '65 (Part 1)/(Part 2), Constellation, 1965
  10. Gene Chandler, Rainbow '80, 80, Chi Sound/20th Century, 1980
  11. Gene Chandler, Get Down, Get Down, Chi Sound/20th Century, 1978
  12. Gene Chandler, Good Times, Good Times/No One Can Love You, Constellation, 1965
  13. Gene Chandler, In My Body's House, In My Body's House/Go Back Home, Checker, 1969
  14. Mel & Tim, Backfield in Motion, Good Guys Only Win in the Movies, Bamboo, 1969
  15. Gene Chandler, Groovy Situation, The Gene Chandler Situation, Mercury, 1970
  16. Gene Chandler, This Bitter Earth, The Two Sides of Gene Chandler, Brunswick, 1969
  17. Gene Chandler, Familiar Footsteps, The Two Sides of Gene Chandler, Brunswick, 1969
  18. The Feelies, In Between, In Between, Bar/None, 2017
  19. The Feelies, Turn Back Time, In Between, Bar/None, 2017
  20. The Feelies, Time Will Tell, In Between, Bar/None, 2017
  21. The Allman Brothers Band, Statesboro Blues, At Fillmore East, Capricorn, 1971
  22. Jimmy Norman, I Don't Love You No More, I Don't Love You No More (single), Little Star, 1962
  23. Red 40 & The Last Groovement, We Coulda Been, She's Keen to Feed, self-released, 2016
  24. The Yawpers, American Man, American Man, Bloodshot, 2015
  25. Ramones, Ramones Medley, Rock ‘N’ Roll High School, Sire, 1979