Slayer, Opinions on Janelle Monáe & Liz Phair

With Slayer's farewell tour approaching, Jim and Greg revisit their interview with two members of the iconic thrash metal band - drummer Dave Lombardo and guitarist Kerry King. They discuss their signature breakneck song pace, favorite moments in the group and working with hip hop producer Rick Rubin. They'll also review the new album from Janelle Monáe and review Liz Phair's Exile in Guyville for its 25th anniversary.

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reviewDirty ComputerDirty Computer available on iTunes

Janelle Monáe Dirty Computer

After a five year hiatus, Janelle Monáe has returned with Dirty Computer, an album that Jim calls“a new masterpiece.”He adds that in the past (with 2010's The ArchAndroid and 2013's Electric Lady), "she was playing with afrofuturism and science fiction themes," but Dirty Computer "comes together is a much more organic way as a great pop album." Greg notes that this record strips away her alias, an android named Cindi Mayweather. The result is Janelle at her most personal. Monáe is influenced by Prince, and Greg says in songs like "Make Me Feel"“you can hear it in the way those grooves work. It's a call to action record built for dancing.”Jim and Greg both give the album a Buy It.

reviewExile In GuyvilleExile in Guyville available on iTunes

Liz Phair Exile in Guyville

This month, Liz Phair's debut album Exile in Guyville will be reissued to celebrate the 25th anniversary of its initial release. This reissue will include the complete Girly-Sound tapes, which will be the first time that material will be released on a label for purchase. Back in 1991, Greg says that everybody in Chicago who cared about music had“a dub of a dub of a dub”of the tapes (which were recorded in Liz Phair's bedroom and released independently.) Many of the tracks evolved into material on Exile in Guyville. Jim and Greg agree that the album is a anthemic counter statement to Chicago's“Boy's Club”music scene. They both thought the album was great in 1993; and Greg says the recording "stands the test of time." Jim thinks that the idea that Exile in Guyville is a track by track response to The Rolling Stones' classic Exile on Main St. is strictly positioning, and“doesn't hold up.”Greg thinks that with the creation of that myth she was“playing the critics”and she was being "very tongue in cheek." 25 years later, Both Jim and Greg give Exile in Guyville a Buy It.



Kerry In the 1980s, Slayer redefined the metal genre, bringing more speed and intensity than many had ever heard. But the musical virtuosity of members Tom Araya, Jeff Hanneman, Kerry King and Dave Lombardo was often overshadowed by their lyrics and imagery, which at times referenced violence and satanism. Now after 37 years of enthralling audience and flipping off its critics, the band is calling it quits. They‘ll embark on a farewell world tour, minus members Hanneman, who died in 2013, and Lombardo, who left the group that same year. Today we’re revisiting our interview with guitarist Kerry King and former drummer Dave Lombardo. They talk about working with legendary producer Rick Rubin, ticking off Tipper Gore and more.

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