Buried Treasures & Chicago Soul Band The O‘My’s

Looking for some exciting new music to augment your 2019 playlist? Jim and Greg share some of their latest Buried Treasures: recent under-the-radar records that you need to hear! Plus, Jim and Greg are joined by the Chicago soul band The O‘My’s at the Goose Island Tap Room. The group's latest album, Tomorrow, pushes its soulful sound into fresh, forward-leaning territory.

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Buried Treasures

It's time yet again for Jim and Greg to share some of their recently uncovered treasures: albums flying under the radar.




The O‘My’s

Recently, Jim and Greg sat down with a band that Greg highlighted as a Buried Treasure last year: The O‘My’s. The genre-bending soul duo have become a fixture in Chicago's music scene, collaborating with rappers like Chance The Rapper, Saba, and Vic Mensa. They've also worked with producer and horn player Nico Segal, who previously recorded as Donnie Trumpet. The group started out stylistically indebted to their soul predecessors (down to wearing suits on stage); but with their latest album, 2018's Tomorrow, their sound has developed into something thoroughly modern. The O‘My’s, made up of singer/guitarist Maceo Haymes and keyboardist Nick Hennessey, joined us for a stripped down performance and conversation at the Goose Island Tap Room.

Featured Songs

  1. Why Not, Ready 4 the World, Ready 4 the World (Single), Why Not, 2018
  2. Marie Davidson, Work It, Working Class Woman, Ninja Tune, 2018
  3. Be Forest, Gemini, Gemini (Single), We Were Never Being Boring, 2018
  4. The Limiñanas, Shadow People (feat. Emmanuelle Seigner), Shadow People, The Limiñanas, 2018
  5. The Drinkard Sisters, Dress Yrself In Gallantry, Enough Already, Tool and Die Recordings, 2018
  6. Tents, Back Yards, Deer Keeps Pace, Badman Recording Co., 2018
  7. Pip Blom, Daddy Issues, Boat, Heavenly Recordings, 2019
  8. Drinking Boys and Girls Choir, Keep Drinking!!, Keep Drinking, Damnably, 2019
  9. Pedro The Lion, Leaving The Valley, Phoenix, Polyvinyl, 2019
  10. The O‘My’s, Starship, Tomorrow, self-released, 2018
  11. The O‘My’s, Cough Drop (Live on Sound Opinions), A Humble Masterpiece, self-released, 2013
  12. Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment, Sunday Candy (feat. Jamila Woods), Surf, self-released, 2015
  13. The O‘My’s, Idea (feat. Chance the Rapper), Tomorrow, self-released, 2018
  14. The O‘My’s, B-Gum, Potty Mouth EP, self-released, 2011
  15. The O‘My’s, Walkout, Tomorrow, self-released, 2018
  16. The O‘My’s, Starship (Live on Sound Opinions), Tomorrow, self-released, 2018
  17. The Beach Boys, Good Vibrations, Pet Sounds, Capitol, 1966
  18. The Fall, Telephone Thing, Extricate, Fontana, 1990
  19. The Moody Blues, Question, A Question of Balance, Threshold, 1970
  20. Marvin Gaye, Let's Get It On, Let's Get It On, Tamla, 1973
  21. The Kinks, Hatred (A Duet), Phobia, Columbia, 1993
  22. Shelley Duvall, He Needs Me, Popeye (Music from the Motion Picture), Boardwalk, 1981