Buried Treasures & Opinions on Chaka Khan & Solange

This week, Jim and Greg unearth some Buried Treasures, musical gems that you may not have heard, but certainly should. Plus, the hosts review the latest releases from soul legend Chaka Khan and singer Solange.

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Buried Treasures

In music, like other things, sometimes it's easy for the little guy to get overlooked. So every once in a while, Jim and Greg dig into their chest of musical treasures to unearth some records that deserve more attention. These Buried Treasures aren't household names, but are worth adding to your collection.


Chaka Khan Hello Happiness

After a 12 year absence from the recording scene, Chaka Khan is back with Hello Happiness. Hello Happiness matches the veteran r&b artist (that Jim calls "one the greatest voices of the last half century") with edgy producers Switch and Sarah Ruba, best known for their work with Major Lazer and M.I.A. Jim calls the album an“overproduced experiment”and adds that songs like "Isn't That Enough" sound like the producers are“sampling”Chaka rather than just letting her sing. Greg agrees, noting that the overproduction results in her playing a side role on her own album. He concedes that the seed of the album started out as a good idea: hip, young producers working with a legend. And "Like Sugar," the album's lead single, wound up on his 2018 year end mixtape. That song features Chaka on timbales; and according to Greg, that's a sign she was more involved with that song than with others on the album. Both Jim and Greg hope to hear more from Chaka, with her talent more prominently in the forefront, soon.


Solange When I Get Home

Solange recently released her surprise fourth album When I Get Home. This record marks a departure from the style of her 2016 album A Seat at the Table, as When I Get Home is more of a mood piece. Greg thinks that the music is worth several listens to get into the layers of those chant-like lyrics and Solange's dream-like singing tone. Jim agrees and feels like this record is heavily influenced by Stevie Wonder. While he misses the frankness and direction that was front and center on her last record, he digs the cosmic jazz that dominates When I Get Home.


Featured Songs

  1. Kerchief, Evil Parts, Fluke, Mint 400, 2019
  2. Solange, Things I Imagined, When I Get Home, Columbia, 2019
  3. FONTAINES D.C., Too Real, Too Real (Single), Partisan, 2018
  4. La Luz, Don't Leave Me on the Earth, Floating Features, Hardly Art, 2018
  5. Shana Cleveland, Face of the Sun, Face of the Sun (Single), Hardly Art, 2019
  6. Sybling, The Grim, Sybling, Sybling music, 2019
  7. Amanda Huff, Gravetalking, Gravetalking (Single), t0mat0s0up, 2018
  8. Kiah Victoria, Ornament, Memo, Tralala, 2018
  9. Kassa Overall, What's New With You, Go Get Ice Cream and Listen to Jazz, self-released, 2019
  10. Julia Jacklin, You Were Right, Crushing, Liberation, 2018
  11. Frankie and the Witch Fingers, Realization, ZAM, Greenway, 2019
  12. Slant, Scorn, Vain Attempt - EP, Iron Lung, 2019
  13. Mise En Scene, Guts/Glory, Still Life On Fire, Light Organ/Ferryhouse, 2017
  14. Chaka Khan, Hello Happiness, Hello Happiness, Island, 2019
  15. Chaka Khan, Like Sugar, Hello Happiness, Island, 2019
  16. Chaka Khan, Too Hot, Hello Happiness, Island, 2019
  17. Chaka Khan, Don't Cha Know, Hello Happiness, Island, 2019
  18. Chaka Khan, Isn't That Enough, Hello Happiness, Island, 2019
  19. Solange, Binz, When I Get Home, Columbia, 2019
  20. Solange, Dreams, When I Get Home, Columbia, 2019
  21. Solange, S McGregor (interlude), When I Get Home, Columbia, 2019
  22. Solange, Sound of Rain, When I Get Home, Columbia, 2019
  23. St. Vincent, The Strangers (Live on Sound Opinions), Actor, 4AD, 2009
  24. Kraftwerk, The Telephone Call, Electric Café, Warner Bros., 1986
  25. Talk Talk, Ascension Day, Laughing Stock, Verve, 1991
  26. The Stooges, T.V. Eye, Fun House, Elektra, 1970
  27. The Stooges, Down On The Street, Fun House, Elektra, 1970
  28. Destroy All Monsters, Bored, (single), IDBI, 1978