Songs About the Radio & Opinions on Michael Kiwanuka

Jim and Greg both fondly remember discovering new bands on their FM dials; and though there are many ways find new music, there's still a bit of magic to hearing a new favorite over the airwaves. To honor that legacy, Jim and Greg share some of their favorite radio-inspired tracks by artists like Wall of Voodoo and Donna Summer. Plus Jim and Greg review Kiwanuka, the latest album from English soul-folk artist Michael Kiwanuka.

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Michael Kiwanuka Kiwanuka

English singer-songwriter Michael Kiwanuka just released his third album, titled Kiwanuka. While he began his career as more of a retro-infused folk artist, he's now moved on to a more contemporary sound while still drawing from his '60s and '70s inspirations like Marvin Gaye and Curtis Mayfield. Jim loves this album and considers it one of the best of the year. Not only does he dig the sonic elements of the record, he also loves his contemplative lyrics. Greg agrees and notes that along with singing and writing, Kiwanuka plays killer bass and electric guitar throughout the album. Both hosts love the integration of more psychedelic rock a la Jimi Hendrix and are excited to see what Kiwanuka does next.


Songs About Radio

While bands have many other methods of promotion and distribution these days, radio airplay still significantly boosts record sales. Jim and Greg both fondly remember discovering new bands on their FM dials, helping to shape their musical tastes. And, to honor that legacy, they play these great Radio-Inspired Tracks:


Hooked On Sonics: The Coathangers

The Coathangers photo by Matt Odom Atlanta-based punk band The Coathangers makes its political stance obvious in just its name. Singer and guitarist Julia Kugel remembers exactly when she was inspired to take that stance in her music. It was at a college house party where the ideas she was learning about feminism, racism and more meshed with the music of Gang of Four. She told our producer Andrew Gill when she heard "I Found That Essence Rare" she knew dance music could make important political statements.

Featured Songs

  1. Michael Kiwanuka, Solid Ground, Kiwanuka, Polydor, 2019
  2. Michael Kiwanuka, You Ain't the Problem, Kiwanuka, Polydor, 2019
  3. Michael Kiwanuka, Rolling, Kiwanuka, Polydor, 2019
  4. Michael Kiwanuka, Living in Denial, Kiwanuka, Polydor, 2019
  5. Michael Kiwanuka, Here, Kiwanuka, Polydor, 2019
  6. Michael Kiwanuka, Final Days, Kiwanuka, Polydor, 2019
  7. The Velvet Underground, Rock and Roll, Loaded, Cotillion, 1970
  8. ZZ Top, Heard It On The X, Fandango!, London, 1975
  9. Wall of Voodoo, Mexican Radio, Call of the West, I.R.S., 1982
  10. Rush, Spirit of Radio, Permanent Waves, Anthem, 1980
  11. Beyonce, Radio, I Am… Sasha Fierce, Columbia, 2008
  12. The Replacements, Left of the Dial, Tim, Sire, 1985
  13. R.E.M., Radio Free Europe, Radio Free Europe (single), Hib-Tone, 1981
  14. Indeep, Last Night a D.J. Saved My Life, Last Night a D.J. Saved My Life!, Sound of New York / Becket, 1981
  15. Donna Summer, On the Radio, Bad Girls, Casablanca, 1979
  16. The Modern Lovers, Roadrunner, The Modern Lovers, Beserkley, 1976
  17. Public Enemy, How to Kill a Radio Consultant, Apocalypse 91… The Enemy Strikes Back, Def Jam, 1991
  18. Nirvana, Radio Friendly Unit Shifter, In Utero, DGC, 1993
  19. The Coathangers, F The NRA, The Devil You Know, Suicide Squeeze, 2019
  20. Gang of Four, I Found That Essence Rare, Entertainment, EMI, 1979
  21. The Coathangers, Stasher, The Devil You Know, Suicide Squeeze, 2019
  22. Exo, Call Me Baby, EXODUS, SM Entertainment, 2015
  23. Big Brother and the Holding Company, Summertime, Cheap Thrills, Columbia, 1968
  24. Reese McHenry, Detroit, No Dados, Suah Sounds, 2019
  25. Janis Joplin, Down on Me (Live), In Concert, Columbia, 1972
  26. Big Brother and the Holding Company, Piece of My Heart, Cheap Thrills, Columbia, 1968
  27. Kanye West, Follow God, Jesus Is King, Def Jam, 2019